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Installing & Maintaining Water Wells, Pumps, & Windmills

Nielsen Well Drilling & Service, LLC has constructed hundreds of wells in the St. Johns, Arizona, area; almost 1,000 since our family business started in 1913. Our expertise extends from basic drilling and pump installation to inspections and water testing. We even offer windmill restoration services for that classic Old West look. One of our three owners is on-site at all times to ensure the quality of all of our work. Reach out to us for a consultation or for emergency repairs 24/7.

Well Drilling

Drilling & Pumping

Well Drilling
Our drilling process is the most environmentally-friendly method available today. With both rotary and cable tool drilling rigs, we are able to drill wells ranging from 100 feet to 1,200 feet. The well drilling process includes rig mobilization and demobilization for the drilling process, as well as installation of a hole-specific well casing and a regulatory surface seal.

Pumping Systems
After the well has been drilled, the next step is to install the most beneficial pumping system for your new well. Using the highest-quality pumps and storage tanks, we provide you and your family with the optimal amount of water for your daily needs at the proper pressure. We install and maintain all pumping system models and sizes, with an additional warranty available on top of the manufacturer's warranty. Please contact us to inquire about these warranties.

Testing & Inspection

Basic Inspection & Repair
Do you have water problems? From foul odors and taste to sediment and low pressure, many issues can arise when you use well water. Let us inspect your water to check for rust discoloration or pressure issues due to leaky pipes. Then our well specialists will provide repair services, as needed.

Water Testing
Comprehensive water testing is available to ensure what you drink is safe. Our most requested test is the Arizona Drinking Water Standards Test and lab result report. However, we also offer a more thorough chemical analysis and chain of custody reporting to certify your water quality.

Well Sounding
If you think you should be getting more water than you currently are, we can help. Our well service experts can send a sounder down your well to test the level of your water.

Down-Hole Filming
Is your pump not producing enough water? You may have a hole in your well casing or sediment buildup clogging the system. Our video-logging service includes inspection of your well and casing, using a down-hole camera to make a video record of your well.

Water Storage
Whether you are raising livestock, growing produce, or just a temporary resident, everybody needs water storage. We offer water storage tanks from 300 gal up to 90,000 gal; whichever size is best for your situation.

Filtration Systems
To ensure you are drinking the best water, let us install water filtration systems. We offer Strainrite automatic back-flush units with coconut charcoal media.

Windmill Restoration

We pride our company on restoring a dying part of the American West: the Aermotor windmill, first introduced in 1888. From the onset of the Industrial Revolution, windmills have been essential for the development of an expanding country. We still have clients who prefer to use them, but we have also done rare restoration pieces to preserve the art and aesthetic appeal of the West.

Other Services Available:

• Hand Pumps
• Well Supply Sales

• Mortgage Inspections
• Environmental Drilling

• Well Abandonment
• Pump Testing